Reading Head Start Review - Does It Work? Is It a SCAM?

Reading Head Start is named again and again by teachers and parents as one of the top, most effective, and most kid-loved reading programs out there.

The most important practice of the learning process is reading.The child should have an early stage reading practice that could help them to intake the information.

With the manner in which our way of life has changed in the recent many years, definitely, the cutting edge will not be figuring out how to peruse from the customary techniques, subsequently guardians need to outfit their approaches to help youngsters to meet the recurrence of their children.

Numerous children are not inspired by essentially understanding books and may very well flip them or are keen on paying attention to stories or watching recordings. In such cases, you need to carry yourself to the child’s even out and give him/her with that assets will revenue him to learn and understand words and learn fundamental jargon.

What is Reading Head Start?

Perusing is one of the main difficulties for kids. Studies tracked down that 25 million kids can’t peruse capably, which is a colossal concern considering perusing is a fundamental piece of living. Sadly, the current technique utilized in schools doesn’t show perusing yet rather, it shows youngsters how to remember words and word shapes. This rapidly gets befuddling, as many word shapes look the equivalent yet strong extraordinary, like bat and part.

Perusing Head Start is an honor winning project that changes the manner in which youngsters figure out how to peruse. It’s anything but a demonstrated technique that spotlights on showing kids the individual letters of the letters in order and the way the sound changes of the letters when matched or deducted with others. For instance, how “bit” changes to “nibble” by adding the ‘e’.

In any case, it’s significantly more than essential understanding exercises. With Reading Head Start, you get 200 perusing exercise plans separated into four distinct levels with 10 week by week exercises for each. With every week, you get 5 perusing exercises to do with each zeroing in on an exercise that is proper for that ability level. The entirety of the exercises are assembled efficiently so your kid can figure out how to peruse and can measure through the exercises individually to keep further developing their understanding abilities. What they realize in Level 1 on Week 1 will assist them with understanding Level 1 Week 2 etc. Every exercise is additionally deliberately picked and intended for the perusing expertise level and age of the youngster, utilizing age-suitable characters and storylines to keep the kid locked in. I’ll expand on these in one minute however until further notice, here’s a gander at what you get with the program:

  • Exercise Plans
  • Printables
  • 200 Reading Lessons
  • Decodable Passages
  • Peruse A-Longs
  • Worksheets
  • Picture Cards
  • Letter Cards
  • Letter Formations
  • Sound Out Cards
  • Unpredictable Word Cards
  • Progressed Phonics Cards

The exercises are instructed to kids through fun exercises, games, printables, short entries, worksheets, read-a-long recordings and more to ensure the kid (and parent or educator showing the kid) holds the exercises while likewise having a great time so they feel urged to continue to learn.

Everything is accessible to you when you buy too. The framework is computerized, so you can sign in and move began immediately or download the exercises and content right onto your PC, tablet, cell phone or PC. This makes it simple to do learning-in a hurry any place your days take you.

Presently, the program is now grant winning, logically confirmed and parent-supported. Be that as it may, you additionally get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can give it a shot for yourself, hazard free. This is sufficient opportunity to see exactly why more than 300,000 children, instructors, and guardians are utilizing this program.

How it will help your child?

The program assists your kids with perusing and comprehend the specific importance of the words that they read in any event, for youngsters under age of 2. While different guardians read books uproarious at their youngsters, the program assists your kids with perusing the books noisy at you. Almost, 36,453 youngsters have been utilizing this Reading Head Start program and profited in perusing. This aides the youngsters in perusing out the signs that they find in shops crossing. It works adequately in 30 days from utilizing this program.

Author of Reading Head start program:

Sarah Shepard is the creator of this program who is an English educator. She made this program for further developing her kid who was poor in English. She additionally thought to help kids who are new students and gone under the age of 2 to 9. This assists with further developing the kids’ mind capacity and their perusing and mastering abilities.


The Reading Head Start programming gives its shoppers numerous benefits. Any of the most critical are as per the following:

  • ¬∑Ease of utilization: Reading Head Start program is parted into 4 simple strides, as a parent you have just to go through 15 minutes per day, three days every week in the recordings for your apportioned day. The recordings are self-propelled, so you can take as much time as is needed and not rush.
  • The Proven Results: According to the Reading Head Start Feedback, Reading Head Start educational program looks to further develop a youngster’s general abilities utilizing visual cards, fun substance and vivid meetings.
  • Towards Affordable: You can take a see from the authority site for the initial 3 days to peruse Head Start. You will drop your membership inside 3 days on the off chance that you are not content with the Reading Head Start administration.
  • Assurance: The Reading Head Start creator gives a 100% cashback ensure for 365 days on the off chance that you don’t see a degree of progress in your kid’s understanding abilities.


  • The Head Start Reading educational program itself has no adverse impact on your youngster in any case. Yet, discipline from your end is important.
  • While simple, the Reading Head Start program requests the responsibility of guardians more than 40 weeks of administration. Skipping days or weeks may affect the impacts of the Head Start Reading program.

What will parents learn from this program for reading?

Since Sarah is as much a parent as she is an instructor, she has youngsters and guardians profiting with her book. Guardians likewise study subjects like: For their kids:

Step by step instructions to guide kids to scholarly greatness, despite the fact that they have little energy by any stretch of the imagination. The unit makes it enjoyable to learn and instruct them.

Dos and do exclude the exhibition of your kid at kindergarten. This book guides guardians and keeps away from the achievement of their kids.

The poor academic techniques for kindergarten educators and why they are obsolete today.

Simple ways to deal with turn around dyslexia that can debilitate the perusing execution of teenagers.

The significance of guaranteeing that youngsters figure out how to peruse early.

The most effective method to assemble language for kids and consolidate more words to the collection of youngsters.

Step by step instructions to expand the regard and self-assurance of kids and cause kids to feel self-commendable in their lives.


  • The program is offered for $197 that is for 1 year as one-time payment.
  • The program is also available for Life time access for $297.
  • There is also a trail pack for just $1.

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Our Verdict

Perusing Head Start shows guardians, educators, and kids an honor winning technique that adequately and effectively shows youngsters how to peruse and how to further develop their abilities two to multiple times more. The outcomes are even ensured with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can give it a shot danger free.